Children from Grade Ruan School on the Lizard Peninsula left their classroom this week for a day of adventure, looking into the world of renewable energy, climate change and the discovery of rare species.

The children joined staff from Natural England and REG Windpower at Goonhilly Wind Farm, situated alongside the Goonhilly Satellite Station and the Lizard National Nature Reserve, to learn about climate change and renewable energy.

Wendy Prescott from Grade Ruan School said: “It’s brilliant that on the Lizard we can generate our own renewable electricity which is benefiting the local and global environment in such a positive way. Each class worked together to create a poster to remind them of what they had learned throughout the day. “ REG Windpower is working with Natural England to facilitate visits for schools and local groups to the site.

These visits are only available for a limited time so to take advantage of a free visit please contact Claire on 01326 240808 or email or Tristan at