The man behind a UFO research project is on the hunt for a witness to an alleged sighting in the Helston area.

Dave Gillham, chair founder of the Cornwall UFO Research Group based in Truro, said the man apparently took a photograph of a UFO hovering over The Lizard.

The man is thought to be called Fred Roberts.

His alleged sighting came just days after a photograph was taken in Falmouth, which appeared to show an unidentified flying object in the sky.

Kelvin Barbery was walking a coastal path between Swanpool and Maenporth when he took a photograph of two tankers positioned in the bay.

It wasn't until the next day, when he looked at the photograph on his computer, that he noticed a strange object in the sky.

Mr Gillham said: "A member of the Cornwall Search and Rescue team for the past two years, Mr Barbery is a level-headed individual."

Two days later, a second photograph was apparently taken, at The Lizard, also showing an unexplained object in the sky.

Mr Gillham said he had been told about the second photograph but had not yet seen it himself, and he was now looking for information to trace the man, thought to be called Fred Roberts.

Mr Gillham said: "Just like Kelvin nothing was seen at the time that the photo was taken, but when he downloaded the photo onto his computer there was a green/brown disk-shaped object in the photo. "I am appealing for this person to get in contact with me so we can see if this was the same object taken at Falmouth."

Mr Gillham can be contacted on 01872 276381.