A pleasure boat operator who used “abusive and threatening” language towards Falmouth’s police inspector during the evening of last week’s Red Arrows display has been banned from Prince of Wales Pier.

John Pill junior, who operates boats from the pier, was involved in an argument over three cars which were parked in front of the Visitor Information Centre at 7.45pm last Wednesday, along with his mother Fiona and father John senior.

An official report seen by the Packet states that when an employee of the centre asked for assistance from PC Andy Hocking and Inspector Steve Lenney, who were patrolling during the busy tourist event, John junior became abusive, using foul language and threatening the officers.

One eyewitness, who asked not to be named, said: “He was eff-ing and cursing at the inspector of the police. It’s not good in front of the tourists.”

Andy Brigden, maritime manager for Cornwall Council, confirmed that as a result of the incident John Pill junior had been banned from Prince of Wales Pier for two weeks, from August 15 to August 29, and said that the incident would be taken into account when the family applied for permits for next year.

Inspector Lenney said: “There was an incident on the pier in which an individual was behaving inappropriately.

“[They were] advised over their inappropriate behaviour in the strongest terms. There was no arrest, caution or follow up. It was suitable words of advice.”

John senior defended his son, telling the Packet that the family have permits to deliver goods to the boats they run, and his wife and daughter had been helping with a delivery. 

He claimed they had parked outside Fal River Links Visitor Information Centre when a Fal River employee came over, who then went to get the police about the cars.

He said: “My wife had last year’s [permit] on her car, our permit was in the van. We could not move the cars because it was so busy with all the people there to watch the Red Arrows.”

He said of his son: “He was not arrested, nor was he fined on the spot, it was a storm in a teacup.

“The pier master has asked him to step away for two weeks as a cooling off period. He’s still allowed to be on boats next to the pier.”