Plans for a giant oyster sculpture on Falmouth's waterfront that will open and close with the tide, have been given the go ahead by Cornwall Council.

Cornish artist Andy Nicholls is behind the sculpture which will stand 8.4 metres high and be built in stainless steel with a base containing a hydraulic ram which will move the top of the shell section to a maximum of 20 degrees in time with the tide.

Around the base of the sculpture will be seating, 12 metres in circumference, made out of reclaimed timber from Falmouth Docks which will replicate the Truro Corporation measuring gauge, historically used by oyster fishermen.

Approval has been granted to place The Oyster on the small quay behind Zizzi on Events Square. While Andy Nicholls is the brainchild behind the sculpture, he has developed the idea working with engineer Tony Cowles and Katy Davidson, who is known as the Oyster Lady.

A working model of the sculpture has been on display at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth since the project was first revealed in May. The proposal subsequently won the support of Falmouth Town Council and had now been approved under delegation by Cornwall Council.

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