BF Adventure has said that fly-tipping in and around their site is causing problems, after 60 bags of building waste was dumped over the weekend.

The most recent incident saw the waste dumped right next to a sign saying 'No Tipping', with the charity saying that despite their need for materials for a new kitchen project, this was certainly not the type of donation they were hoping for.

A spokesman for BF Adventure said they have been a prime location over the years for fly tipping, and the recent dumping of 60 bags of building waste ironically came as they are asking for materials to help with their 'Big Kitchen Build'.

The project will enable disadvantaged and disabled young people and adults to learn important life skills from learning to cook for themselves, to budgeting and shopping for the ingredients. They also offer a programme to supportsentrepreneurial skills in the Kitchen.

The old kitchen is housed in a portable buildingwhich is falling into disrepair. After gaining full planning permission for the build it soon became clear that there would be no available funding or grants for this project so Adrian Richards, CEO at BF Adventure came up with another plan.

He said: "The Big Kitchen Build is based on the concept of DIY SOS, we have a wish list of items we need, to facilitate the build and we ask you to contribute what you can. Whether it is in the form of materials, skilled labour, cash donation or you just want to help, every donation is gratefully recieved.

"We sent out an appeal last year and the ladies of the Helston-Lizard Inner Wheel rose to the challenge and our campaign began... We have been very fortunate and Cornwall businesses have been overwhelmingly generous, however we are still a long way from our goal and without your help it may not succeed.

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