A motorist who pleaded guilty before District Judge Paul Clark at Truro, to two offences of careless driving, told him that on each occasion he had been in a panic over the welfare of his grandfather.

Builder Saul Kelly, aged 39, of Meaver Road, Mullion, admitted the offences which took place on February 7 at Edgcumbe and February 11 at Culdrose. Neither of the offences had involved collisions, but he had driven at speed and in one case had tail-gated a car.

Kelly said it had been an unfortunate period for him. On each occasion he had been rushing because of a situation with his grandfather.

In one instance to open a house where he was waiting to be let in, and in another when the older man had been taken to hospital.

“I was in a panic on both occasions”, he said.

The judge told him although there had been no collisions, he had been guilty of bad driving, and in one instance a crash was only avoided thanks to the evasive action taken by another driver.

“You put the safety of members of the public and yourself at risk,” he said. “You should have been more patient.”

The judge found exceptional hardship in Kelly’s case and waived disqualification.

Kelly was fined £600 and £90 costs and given 12 points on his licence.