Cheques worth a combined £2,400 have been shared between two Helston charities that promote the arts.

Outgoing mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby kept it local with the charities he chose to support during his second term as mayor, selecting the Epworth Hall and the South Kerrier Heritage Trust, which has taken over the running of Helston Museum.

Explaining his decision Mr Radford-Gaby said he had a certain “mistrust” of national charities, fearing a lot of money raised went into administration fees.

He and wife Wendy, mayoress, were therefore “both clear” they wanted to support local charities that were ideally run by volunteers, so that “every penny goes to the charity.”

Mr Radford-Gaby described Helston Museum as “the jewel in the crown of Helston” before confessing that ahead of becoming mayor he had not fully realised what good work was being done at the Epworth Hall.

“The refurbishments going on at the hall of late have been wonderful, but they haven’t got disabled access and need money to support the provision of that,” he added.

Due to the success of the Mayor’s Ball and fundraising over the rest of the year, each charity has now been presented with a cheque for £1,200.

Mr Radford-Gaby said: “I couldn’t have done it alone. Everyone has worked tirelessly, so thank you to everyone in the office who did so much to help raise money at the Mayor’s Ball.”

He went on to thank the wider community also, adding: “That’s everybody who has contributed and everybody who has helped me raise that money.”