THE family of a retired Royal Marine who wants to build a new home on a prominent site, with views over the harbour in Falmouth, has won the support of town councillors despite around 30 letters of objection from neighbours.

Tracy Bullen attended a meeting of the town’s planning committee to plead her case on behalf of herself and her husband, Gary, while Matthew Owen addressed councillors to oppose the scheme on behalf of 23 local residents.

The planning application seeks consent to build a home and detached garage on land next to Chryeen on Wodehouse Terrace. Permission already exists for a smaller property, but the Bullens have put forward the new plans.

Mrs Bullen said: “I lost my self-build mortgage so my father stepped in and purchased the site and we now hopefully want to build a more affordable house. We have always had the full support of the town council and I just really hope that we still have that support.”

Mr Owen asked councillors to object to the application on the grounds of loss of privacy, scale, claiming the new house would be 50 per cent larger than the one approved, and that the design “pays no heed” to the Georgian street.

He said: “Given this is one of the most beautiful conservation areas in Falmouth, it would be a great shame if this plot was developed in the way suggested in the current proposals.”

The planning committee, though, was told that Cornwall Council’s conservation officer has recommended approval of the plans. Councillor Steve Eva said: “To me it looks |like a lot of work has been done behind the scheme to please the conservation officer. We should listen to people who have experience.”

Councillor Diana Merrett was not happy with the application, though, and recommended refusal. “This is a lot bigger than they wanted in the first place,” she said, “it would tower over the flats in front. It seems to me it’s going to be over-development.”

Ms Merrett’s proposal failed to win a seconder and when Councillor Vicky Eva proposed the application be supported, that was passed by three votes to one, with one abstention. The final decision will be made by Cornwall Council.