Staff at Pendennis Castle in Falmouth marked the start of their summer season with a bang on Tuesday when they reintroduced the tradition of the noonday gun firing.

The sound, which measured at 87 decibels, reverberated around the bay when the 1943, 25lb quick firing British gun was fired by Stewart Morris, the castle’s historic property steward.

One of four of the castle’s 37 guns will now be fired every day at noon throughout the summer season.

“Resurrecting this exciting Pendennis Castle tradition is a fantastic way to mark the start of our summer season,” said property manager Wendy Amer. “The noonday firings will offer a reminder of the castle’s military role over the centuries as well as making the most of our amazing collection.

“Bringing four of our guns back into use is a really interactive way to explore Pendennis’ past. The castle has overlooked Falmouth for nearly 500 years and the reintroduction will really let everyone know we are here.”

Throughout the summer four of the castle’s guns will be used to fire blanks for the noonday firing.

These include a World War II, 25lb, an American built 1943 Howitzer, and an 18th Century, 18lb Blomefield.

A rare World War I, three-inch of 20cwt anti-aircraft gun will also be used to mark significant dates in the centenary year.

The team at Pendennis have been specially trained to fire the guns, and will give an introductory talk before each day’s firing.