A LANE on the way to Falmouth’s main park has become a dumping ground for dog waste which can be found hanging in bags from branches and littering the ground.

Local resident David Watkinson was so incensed by the situation in the lane, which runs from Dracaena Avenue down to Kimberley Park next to the Children’s Centre, that he raised the matter with councillors at last week’s town council surgery.

“It is all so conspicuous because it is in white bags,” he said. “When I walked down there, there were nine bags and some of them had split. The first was on top of the wall and there were others hanging among the brambles.

“When blackberry season comes, people will be eating the fruit, possibly not realising what has been hanging next to them – it could be a health hazard.

“You are never going to find out who is doing it and even if you did and approached them, you are likely to get a mouthful of cheek from them.

“That area is not overlooked by anybody so you cannot see who is there and cannot stand around all day waiting for someone to throw a bag around. I’m asking for a bin to be put in the lane.”

Town clerk, Mark Williams, said the town council would approach Cornwall Council’s environmental health department and request a bin for the area.