Helston Town Council has chosen its mayor elect and deputy mayor elect for the coming civic year.

Councillors voted to nominate current deputy mayor Michael Thomas to replace the current mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby when he steps down in May.

Councillor Thomas’ nomination was proposed by Councillor Radford-Gaby, who said he had proved “his commitment to our town and his wish to see it flourish and prosper.”

He added: “I believe that he has the skills, patience, diligence, humour and humility to take over from me at the end of this civic year, and prove himself a fine leader of this council.”

The council held a ballot to decide between two candidates for the post of deputy mayor: councillors Justine Hornsby and Mark Upton.

Councillor Upton’s nomination was proposed by Councillor Nicola Roberts, who described him as “a loyal and trustworthy friend, who has proved himself”, who “demands and achieves results” and is always to be seen “everywhere” in the town.

Councillor Hornsby’s nomination was proposed by the deputy mayor, who said she was a “loyal councillor who has worked for the benefit of the town in a range of roles.”

He added: “She has a commitment to change while respecting the views of councillors and staff.”

In the space intended for questioning the potential candidates, Councillor Gillian Geer said: “I’m very concerned that people in Helston should perceive what goes on here. I want to make certain that this town is known as a friendly place, I can’t bear people getting at each other.

“The whole thing should be kept at a friendly level, we must be seen to be the sort of people that people care about and are interested in.”

The outgoing mayor congratulated Councillor Thomas and Councillor Upton on their successful nominations, and thanked Councillor Hornsby for putting herself forward.