A booklet of recipe ideas to make your food go further has been launched in Cornwall.

The initiative links with the ‘Winter Wellbeing’ campaign to reduce winter deaths and will be circulated to people most in need through local food banks.

The guide, Eat Well Spend Less, will also be available from Council one stop shops and libraries. It has been produced in a partnership between Cornwall Council’s Health Promotion Service and Adult Education Family Learning, Truro and Redruth/Camborne/Pool food banks, and Inclusion Cornwall.

Oliver Baines, Chief Executive of the Cornwall Community Foundation, which has sponsored the initiative, said: "The great message from this book is that we can eat better, stay healthy, and spend less, all at the same time. Many may think that good food costs more - this book proves the opposite."

The guide is available online at www.cornwallhealthyweight.org.uk/healthy-eating/eat-well-spend-less-meal-planner or by calling the Health Promotion Service on 01209 313419.

Felicity Owen, Director of Public Health, said: "As part of our Winter Wellbeing work, we recognised that eating well is a key factor in preventing avoidable deaths during the cold weather. It will also help people who receive donations from food banks to make best use of them, so they can go further."

More tips on saving money and wasted food are in the 2011 Eat Well, Waste Less recipe book, which is still available and contains ideas on how to store ingredients so they will last longer.

It has an A-Z of recipes to help you use up you leftovers. This could help save money and stop most of the food waste going to landfill.

Every day in England, we throw away five million potatoes, seven million slices of bread, 1.3 million yoghurts and yoghurt drinks. Most of the food that is wasted could have been eaten.

More information and the recipe book is available online at www.cornwall.gov.uk/lovefood or by calling Public Health Cornwall on 01872 246906.

Judith Haycock, Cornwall Council Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Care, said: "These are great ideas anyone can use to plan ahead, eat healthily and save money. I hope that they will get people really thinking about their food, and how much we don’t really need and waste unnecessarily."