Retired medical professionals and ex-members of the emergency services are being called to action in a new emergency plan for Cury.

The parish council is behind the idea of setting up the plan, which will come into force in the event of flooding, heavy snow, outbreak of disease or similar disaster.

It is not intended to replace the assistance provided by the emergency services but supplement it, providing immediate local support on the ground when it is most needed.

The aim is to look after the welfare of people in the parish and/or help maintain its infrastructure.
Once published, a copy of the emergency plan will be kept in the village hall and updated periodically.

Parish clerk Samantha Folds explained: “Within recent living memory the village has been isolated through severe weather events, and has had to look inwards for immediate support.

“Amongst other matters, the plan will include the manning for emergency reception centres, details of relevant parish community groups and contact details of those who can provide assistance.”

Examples given of the type of emergencies the village might have to contend with include surface water flooding, utilities failures – particularly electrical power outages – severe weather and human or animal disease outbreaks.

“The parish belongs to all its residents and no one else, so it is up to us to provide the local support for our emergency plan,” added Mrs Folds.

The council is particularly looking for fit men and women of all ages to act as general helpers, in particular qualified first aiders and retired doctors/nurses/vets, plus retired members of the emergency services. Drivers with 4x4 vehicles and tractors are also urged to come forward, as well as people with appropriate training in using generators, chainsaws and lifting equipment.

At the same time, the council is compiling a confidential list of elderly or infirm residents who wish to be included as needing particular assistance in an emergency, whom the village should look out for.

Anyone willing to help or who needs particular help in an emergency should contact councillor Robert Wright, emergency plan co-ordinator, by February 10 by calling 01326 241208, writing to Colvennor Farmhouse, Cury, Helston, TR12 7BJ or emailing