Falmouth Harbour Commissioners have commenced replacing their steel navigation buoys, some of which are of pre-war, riveted construction, in Falmouth Harbour waters.

The first of seven buoys was replaced this autumn with a new Mobilis Jet 2500 polyethylene navigation buoy marking the start of an extensive investment programme by the commissioners. First to be replaced was the West Narrows buoy. The harbour commissioners have been closely examining their business strategy in recent months. Maintaining buoyage is expensive both on manpower and time.

The commissioners plan to replace one buoy a year. Lloyd Pond, assistant harbour master, said: “FHC is investing in new, easier to maintain buoys to replace the existing steel buoys.

“By doing so we hope to see significant savings on future maintenance costs that will make the programme self-financing. The first one is already on station and we are very pleased with its visibility and the performance of the light.”

Stuart Brotherton, technical sales area manager at Hydrosphere UK Ltd, said: “The Jet 2500 weighs 1000kg which is substantially lighter than its predecessors. It can be raised by any single lifting eye and can be maintained using small vessels making it a cost- effective and lightweight alternative to the traditional GLA Class 3, 4 and 5 steel buoy.”