Helston councillors have heard some positive news about the future of the Trengrouse Way toilets.

Helston Town Council’s policy, finance and resources committee had previously agreed that the disabled toilet at the currently closed facilities should be refitted to become a unisex cubicle serving that end of the town.

Members agreed to pay for the maintenance of the toilet and the opening and shutting each night out of its “devolution of assets and services” budget, with Cornwall Council covering the refurbishment cost, after hearing that “caught short” shoppers were turning to a wall outside of the toilets to relieve themselves on.

A report from town clerk Chris Dawson at last week’s council meeting revealed that nearly everything that the town council had asked for would be done. He said that Cornwall Council would pay for the toilet refurbishment but not a bench and a roof over it.

The toilet block would have a unisex facility, with other space in the building used for a small storeroom.

Although the water and electricity supplies would be stopped to this part of the building, there was the possibility it could be used as a toilet again at some time in the future.

A wall could also be built to stop people “going around the gents’ side.” However, the conservation officer was blocking plans to remove a small wall, despite the mayor calling it the “most hideous building in Helston.”

Councillors discussed whether to dispute this decision but heard from the town clerk that this could delay any work even further.

No detail was given about when the work might be scheduled to begin, but it was unlikely anything would be done before Christmas.