An eagle-eyed four-year-old from Falmouth has reunited a lost wedding ring with its owner thanks to his love of collecting unusual items.

Lennon Davies, from Pellew Road, is more used to finding interesting toys and games at car boot sales, but when he spotted something glinting in the grass at Land’s End he couldn’t resist investigating.

To his amazement Lennon, who had been enjoying a day out with his family, found a diamond encrusted, white gold wedding ring sitting in his palm.

Unfortunately, it took him a little longer to persuade dad Mark and mum Sarah to take a look.

Mark said: “He kept insisting on his mother and myself taking a look at this ring and we both believed at the time it was a toy of some kind. But he just kept on and on for about five days. He must have known it was important. “I found it in my pocket one night and it was then we realised it was a ring with diamonds in it.”

The next morning he contacted Land’s End and was amazed to find that, despite hundreds of tourists from across the country visiting that day, it actually belonged to a woman in Hayle. A delighted Zoe Smith collected the ring from the Davies family last Friday.

She said: “After a day or two I didn’t really expect anyone to hand it in. It was a bit of a shock a week later to get a message on my answer-phone. I was quite excited!

“It’s really nice they handed it in and I’m so grateful.”

Zoe had been at the attraction with children Tilly and Caitlyn, and had taken her ring off to apply sun cream to them. She then forgot she had placed it on the pushchair and walked off – and despite realising within minutes her mistake, she was unable to find it again.

“I thought, ‘My husband is going to kill me’. He was actually as good as gold and told me not to worry, but it was a horrible feeling to have lost it.”

As a thank you to Lennon – who last week started in the reception class at Penryn Infants – Zoe gave him a selection of games and pens, in gratitude.