After more than 100 years, Falmouth no longer has its own branch of the Royal British Legion after the decision was made to disband it with members urged to join the Penryn branch.

A meeting was held last week between members of the Falmouth branch and a management group who had previously taken over the running of the branch with the hope that a way forward could be found.

Falmouth member, John Kirby said: “Under pressure from the Falmouth branch members, this meeting was arranged to bring back the management of the branch to Falmouth.

The management group announced that the Falmouth branch was to be abolished.

“This decision had already been made out of county and the only choice the members had was to join the Penryn RBL. Many of the members were close to tears with the decision.”

Eric Dawkins, former president of the Falmouth branch, said: “I think it’s terrible that a town the size of Penryn will have a British Legion branch, but Falmouth which is more than four times the size will not.

It is most disappointing. This is a major town and a sea port with a lot of tradition.”

Steve Lewis, the Legion’s Cornwall county chairman, said: “For various reasons it has become non-viable to continue the Falmouth RBL Branch in its current form.

Following a special general meeting, and in line with Legion rules, branch members elected to amalgamate with the Penryn Branch.

“Members have been assured that if they can form a full and viable branch committee at some time in the future, the County will be delighted to assist in re-forming the Falmouth Branch.”

Local members are determined to find a way forward and have called a meeting to discuss what action can be taken. This is to be held at the Arwenack Club, 7pm on Tuesday night, August 13.