A popular Helston brewery could be expanding and even begin offering tours to the public.

Simon Stone, landlord of the Blue Anchor, which brews its own ale including the infamous Spingo, has asked for pre-application advice from Cornwall Council.

This relates to a proposal to build a micro-brewery on land south west of Helly Court on the Water Ma Trout industrial estate, with the possibility of accompanying “start up” units for new businesses in the future.

The included document states: “There is growing demand and interest in the beers that our client produces and there is a clear requirement for larger premises that can accommodate the necessary equipment.”

It adds that the idea is to build a microbrewery with a minimum 100 square metre ground floor initially, with the remainder of the site then either becoming an expanding brewery or business start-up units, depending on demand.

The brewing would take place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but with limited staff overnight.

It is also stated: “Given that there are limited breweries in the area and a known interest in such attractions, the microbrewery may undertake tours in the future, with the council's approval if needed.”

These would take place between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday.

“In addition, there may be limited bottle sales available to tour parties and to other visitors, with consumption permitted on the site limited to tour parties or for tasting purposes prior to purchase,” it adds.

The document by Mr Stone's agent also stresses that a suitable extraction/filtration system would “discharge any fumes at a high level” to not cause a nuisance to nearby properties, particularly Gwarth An Drae around 30 metres away at the closest point.

It concludes: “The erection of a microbrewery would enable the expansion of an existing successful local business and would enhance the area through the provision of another exciting local business.

“The establishment of brewery tours in the future would attract people to Helston and may result in increased business to the remainder of the industrial estate through higher numbers of people being exposed to the other businesses in the area.

“The addition of a small number of start-up units would provide new businesses with the opportunity to be located at a well known location where there is the necessary infrastructure to enable such businesses to flourish.”

Mr Stone stressed that if given permission this microbrewery would not replace the existing brewery at the Blue Anchor pub.

After receiving advice from Cornwall Council Mr Stone will then decide whether to apply for planning permission for the work.