There are certain times and places when the Packet believes so-called rivalries should be set aside due to the magnitude of the occasion – and this is one such instance.

Noel Perry has been Helston reporter in residence for nigh on four decades and as such his byline can be associated with the town’s news industry in almost the same way as lily of the valley is linked to Flora Day.

Despite writing for the ‘enemy’, Noel has been a good friend to the Helston Packet and is held in high esteem and indeed affection by all members of staff.

This regard extends throughout Helston and the Lizard Peninsula, into the communities that Noel has written about so diligently during his tenure.

His recently announced retirement, therefore, has prompted an outpouring of messages and good wishes – not least from St Keverne Parish Council, where Noel regularly attended meetings and which met last Thursday for the final time before the forthcoming elections on May 2.

Thanking the press as a whole, council chairman Russell Peters made special mention to Noel to thank him for his years of dedicated reporting.

Mr Peters said: “Noel Perry has been a long-standing member of the West Briton who attended here and was always extremely good with his reports. He always endeavoured to find out what was going on and report it so the public were aware.”

This column (Peninsular Point of View - Helston Packet, p6) is sure these comments would be echoed by other council leaders and past interviewees across the area.