A suggestion that would see Helston’s taxi rank extended has been rejected strongly by the town’s councillors.

Town clerk Chris Dawson told members that there was no firm proposal at this stage, but Cornwall Council’s licensing officer wanted the opinion of the town council.

Extending the rank in Coinagehall Street to the corner with Monument Road would result in at least three on-street parking spaces being lost.

Mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby said: “For 95 per cent of the time that taxi rank is underused. The only time taxi spaces are required is later on Friday night and late on Saturday night, in the main.”

He did not believe that the permanent loss of three spaces, which the town “desperately needed”, was “remotely” worth it.

Deputy mayor Mike Thomas believed it would actually be four spaces lost and agreed: “I think it would be foolhardy for us to support having four of these car parking spaces taken when we so desperately need to have a place for people to shop in our town.”

Councillor Niall Devenish believed that taxis actually need to “behave in a little more responsible manner” and stop double parking.

Councillor Ronnie Williams suggested the entire rank be moved further down the road and four spaces created in its place higher up Coinagehall Street.

However, this was not supported and members then unanimously agreed to not support an extension of the rank.