Primary school pupils across Helston and the Lizard were seeing red last Friday for Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day 2013 urged people to “Do something funny for money” and the youngsters took it to heart.


At Parc Eglos Primary School pupils wore spotty clothes and held a talent show to raise extra finds, while at St Michael’s there was a lunchtime parade of the various red outfits they wore for the day.

Porthleven Primary School was filled with pupils sporting crazy hair – the wilder the better. This resulted in all manner of wigs, back-combing and spray dyed tresses.

At Godolphin Primary School uniforms were swapped for fancy dress and each class enjoyed a different fundraising activity.

This included year six pupils setting up their very own “beauty” salon, where the girls applied lipstick, eyeshadow and blusher to the more daring boys. Others were happy just to be given a funny hair do, with hair bands and clips.

Judging by the giggles emerging from the school hall the “funny” theme had caught on.

Older students also got involved, with the sixth form holding an eating competition and other activities taking place during the lunch break.

Out on the Lizard Peninsula schools were also doing their bit.

At Manaccan Primary children were baking during the day, before selling off the spoils in the afternoon.

After spending the day fundraising at school, many youngsters then went on to the Sainsbury’s supermarket in Helston where a special dance routine had been organised.

This saw staff, children and their parents taking part in the Cha Cha Slide – a song in which participants must slide from one side to the other in time to the music.

Grade Ruan used Thursday to raise money. Here the whole school was involved in baking cakes, biscuits and buns for a bake sale, using ingredients donated by parents and helped by school cook Nicky.