A memorial will be unveiled at The Lizard on Thursday to remember the victims of a French fishing vessel that sank off Lizard Point.

Family members of the five crewmen who died onboard Bugaled Breizh will be presenting the memorial at The Top House inn at lunchtime.

The five Breton fishermen left Newlyn on January 15, 2004, on their return journey to their home port of Loctudy in the 'La Cornouaille' region of southern Brittany.

Nine years have passed, yet their families are still searching for answers to their questions as to what happened to their loved ones.

Only three bodies were ever recovered, two from the sea off the Lizard Point and one from the inside of the trawler when it was finally lifted from the seabed. There are still two crewmembers unaccounted for.

A film has been produced in Brittany called The Silent Killer, which looks into the possible circumstances surrounding that day.

This is being viewed at a series of sessions this week, including at Porthleven Public Hall tomorrow, Wednesday, at 7pm.

Each showing is being accompanied by a discussion, with a question and answer session led by filmmaker Monsieur Jacques Losay whose daughter lost her father-in-law.

Also present will be the vessel's owner Monsieur Michel Douce and Monsieur Dominique Launay, who spent 18 months making a 1.6 metre model of the Bugaled Breizh that will also be on display.

These representatives of the Breton Research team have toured the film throughout the whole of Brittany over the past year, culminating recently with a presentation to the French Senat (parliament) in Paris.

A petition has now been launched calling for further investigation into the incident. After being put forward at each film showing it will go online, with the aim of achieving 100,000 signatures to present to parliament.

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