The golden glow of 8,000 daffodils was reflected in smiles of guests and in the sky as sunshine greeted the fourth Mawgan Church Daffodil Festival.

The sunny weather helped attract the crowds, with more than 750 visitors to the church over the two-day event.

Difficulties in parking, and getting stuck in the mud, were forgotten as the sight and fragrance of the colour daffodil arrangements had many people gasping in amazement as they entered.

A triangular screen of daffodils, lighting up a corner, was the inspiration of Sheila Perry and her husband Graham who painstakingly threaded hundreds of daffodils through garden netting.

Daffodil “lollipops” on a windowsill, arranged by Heather Ibotson, were lit from different directions as the sunlight moved round, while a mannequin with a daffodil bodice and material skirt was designed and arranged by Rae Jones of Anwen Jones florists, who lives in Mawgan and sponsored the festival. She used beautifully scented narcissi from the Isles of Scilly.

The overall effect of yellow was generated by two varieties of yellow “trumpets”, and one double variety kindly donated by Allen Scrimshaw of RH Scrimshaw and Sons Limited, while the scent came from the hundreds of blooms donated by Isles of Scilly Flowers at Trenoweth on St Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly.

The specimens of various coloured varieties came from Chris Hosken, giving a total of nine different varieties in the church.

The ladies in the tea room worked hard to supply food and drink, including pasties donated by Gear Farm, over 100 servings (25 litres) of three varieties of homemade soup made by Gus Bailey, rolls donated by Mawgan Stores and dozens of cakes, some with icing daffodils on the top.

The Mawgan Art Group and the West Country Embroiderers created a display of paintings and cards and there was a workshop for the children to create cardboard bunting, run by Georgie Kirby of The Big Beautiful Bunting Company.

Accompanying music came through classical guitar from Richard Collington, Cornish singing from Thraw’ed Together and The Inn Singers, folk guitar from Jordan Bew and organ music from several organists.

At the end of the weekend the takings were much higher than from previous festivals and while still being counted it is hoped that there will be over £3,500 to contribute to the maintenance and running of the church, particularly the heating.

Wendy Bailey, from the organising team, said: “This event would not have been possible without sponsorship from 25 businesses, the 12 people who spent two days arranging daffodils and the numerous people who spent days baking and serving cakes etc. The church is very grateful to everyone.”