A scheme has begun that sees pupils at Helston Community College working with military veterans.

It is a pilot project in which veterans who have physical injuries or have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder offer training to people, including those who are out of work or suffering from loneliness.

The training includes skills the veterans learned in the field, including problem solving, first aid and interview techniques.

The aim is to develop confidence and communication skills, so those taking part have more chance of finding work or setting up their own business.

The initiative also supports the combat veterans as it encourages social interaction, builds confidence and can earn training qualifications and wider experience.

Tim Cocks, Active Plus director, said: “The Helston Community College project is a brand new idea where we plan to have two injured veterans delivering activities on a weekly basis to support students and provide opportunities for parents to gain employability and work experience skills by working alongside the veterans.

“Once the parent is involved, further support and training can be offered including training from the veterans or one to one support from Cornwall Works for families, Careers South West and employment advisers.

“The aim is to encourage the parents into employment, volunteering and further training or work experience. At the same time the project will support the students and the veterans.

“We are starting the students off with drill training and later a former member of the Special Forces will be coming in to teach personal safety – a course he designed from his own experiences in combat zones.”

The project has been launched by Active Plus, working with an idea from Inclusion Cornwall and backed by ESF Convergence.

Helston Community College assistant headteacher David McDonald said: “The Helston Phoenix Mentoring Project approached Helston Community College with information about a funded joint project they knew would be of benefit to young people at Helston Community College.

“Helston College is pleased to be working in partnership with Active Plus and West Cornwall Youth Trust to enable injured veterans to share their life experiences. The students will be participating in a variety of activities and training which will enhance their progression in raising aspirations and achievement.

“The veterans are fantastic role models and will be inspiring the students through a disciplined structure of teamwork and communication activities.”

As well as ESF Convergence the Helston Community College project is also supported by West Cornwall Youth Trust, which has provided funding to help support the students.