Fourteen Jedi Knights are living in Helston and Porthleven, according to figures from the recent census.

Research by Cornwall councillor Andy Wallis threw up the strange datawhen he looked at the religion of people living in his division of Porthleven and Helston South .

People adhering to the Christian faith were the largest majority, however the results show up some surprises, with more Pagans than Muslims recorded.

The results also highlighted the vast range of religions/beliefs that peopel follow in Cornwall, with 21 Heathens, 63 worshiping at the church of heavy metal, 26 Satanists and a single adherant of the Native American Church.

The top ten religions/faiths/beliefs* in Cornwall and their believers/followers are:

Christian – 318357

Jedi Knight – 2169

Buddhist – 1726

Pagan – 1429

Muslim (Islam) – 855

Hindu – 556

Spiritualist – 532

Mixed Religion – 530

Jewish – 389

Humanist – 224

The next 10 are:

Spiritual 213; Wicca 186; Other religions 147; Sikh 105; Taoist 79; Druid 78; Heavy Metal 63; Rastafarian 49; Pantheism 42; Baha’i 39.

With thanks to Cllr Andrew Wallis.