Devoran pupils took to their school hall this afternoon to copy Falmouth Police officers' Gangnam Style moves in a bid to raise some charity cash for a young boy who suffers from multiple disabilites.

The video (BELOW) will start after a short advertisement.

Pupils from all year groups were inspired to hold a "Devoran Dance Day" after watching Falmouth neighbourhood sergeant Gary Watts and colleagues doing it Gangnam Style in a charity video released earlier this month to raise funds for Joshua Wilson.

Joshua, from Bury in Lancashire, was first diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2004.

Known on social networking website Twitter by the hashtag #SuperJosh, the 12-year-old boy now has severe neuromuscular disabilities that require a fully-adapted home, but his family have been unable to get the funding required.

"Gangnam" Gary and the team's original video, released on January 7, has been viewed more than 220,000 times across its three locations on different video-hosting websites and raised over £12,000 for Joshua's family.

Devoran pupils' efforts have now added an extra £159 to that fundraising total.

Sgt Watts said: "That was brilliant guys - in fact, where were you on the second of January [the day the video was filmed] when we needed you?"

(Sgt Watts and the team were on Events Square in Falmouth on January 2, trying to get members of the public to join in with the dancing for the video's climactic scenes).

He added: "We did the easy bit to be honest, you guys and other people around the country and around the world have done the hard bit.

"You have raised the money and donated the cash."

(BELOW) The pupils finish off with a flourish for their version of the Gangnam Style dance.

After doing the Gangnam Style dance, the pupils were recorded by Sgt Watts saying "hello" to Josh (see BELOW)

To see 'Gangam' Gary and colleagues dancing in the original charity video click BELOW: