Adults with learning disabilities have benefitted from the support of the community in Helston.

Personnel at RNAS Culdrose, the Cober Valley Rotary Club, the landlord of the Blue Anchor and the town's mayor and mayoress have come together to improve facilities at Park View, which is based in the Old Cattle Market.

Adults receiving care and support at Park View - named by the people who use it, in recognition of its position overlooking Coronation Park - can now practise word processing and play games on a new laptop, and will soon be able to enjoy raised flower beds.

One will be a sensory bed with herbs, which will be built by the walkway between the Old Cattle Market parking area and skate park, with a second placed near the sign when entering from the Cornwall Council car park.

John Hobbs is leading the raised beds project, on behalf of Cober Valley Rtoary that is paying for the fixings.

Mr Hobbs is working with RNAS Culdrose, which has donated wooden posts and making the first raised bed. He will also find a way to make a second one by sourcing extra materials if necessary.

Commander Richard Blackwell, head of logistics support at RNAS Culdrose, was responsible for giving £200 to the project and offering the support of his staff, while Warrant Officer Archie Deacon and his team are working with Mr Hobbs to see the beds are made. Petty Officer Lee Crispin is the other team member involved.

Helston mayor Jonathan Radford-Gaby, together his mayoress wife Wendy, has given £200 from his Mayor's Welfare Fund for the raised beds, with an additional £150 towards replacing Park View's laptop and extra software.

Simon Stone, landlord of the Blue Anchor, has given £235 to pay for the rest of the cost of the laptop, plus the VAT.

Phil Williams and Nigel Buxton, directors of Primary PC Solutions on the Water-ma-Trout industrial estate, then sold the laptop at cost price and paid for the software that they installed on it.

Vicki Matthew, a community director of the South Kerrier Alliance that managed the development of the Old Cattle Market, has co-ordinated the projects after being contacted by Jame Cavanagh, who runs Park View.

She said: “I want to celebrate the generosity of the community and PC Primary Solutions who have made this happen.”