Cornwall residents will be able to recycle more items from next year, thanks to £1.56m of Government funding.

The funding, from the Department for Communities and Local Government’s weekly collection support scheme, means the Cornwall Council can introduce mixed plastic recycling and make improvements to its household waste and recycling centres (HWRC). There will also be a new scheme to help residents to recycle their food waste at home.

Councillor Lance Kennedy said: “We are delighted to have received confirmation of this major grant, not only will it increase the amount of recycling collected by 9,000 tonnes each year, it also emphasises our commitment to the weekly black bag collection service that our residents said they wanted to keep.

“We will be starting work immediately on our plans particularly the changes to the kerbside collection, it is vital that we ensure that this major service change goes smoothly.”

“We know many people have been keen to recycle mixed plastics and this funding will enable us to begin collection of plastic pots, tubs and trays as part of kerbside collections next year,” said Esther O’Bearagh from Cornwall Council’s waste contract team.

“This will be phased in to the current collection schedule and we will notify residents when they will be able to start recycling mixed plastics.”

From next year, Cornwall’s Household Waste and Recycling Centres will be able to accept a wider range of wood and wood products which will be used to help produce biomass fuel. The centres will also be able to accept rigid plastics such as plastic flower pots, garden furniture, children’s toys and guttering. The funding will also allow the Council to make better use of the materials from mattresses with components such as metal and textiles recycled.