Members of Helston Lizard Inner Wheel Club walked the plank when they visited BF Adventure at the weekend.

The ladies, and their supporters who joined them, remained dry however as they looked around the activities centre at Halvasso.

Instead it was the group’s teamwork and communication skills that were put to the test during their tour of the facilities.

They were challenged to walk along the ground while strapped to two long planks of wood. Their visit had a more serious purpose, however, as the club reviewed the charity’s plans to build additional amenities.

Helston Lizard Inner Wheel has chosen BF Adventure as the charity it will support over the coming year, in its work helping disadvantaged children.

They are hoping to raise funds to help build a kitchen and dining facility at the Goodygrane quarry site.

Adrian Richards, chief executive of the charity, told members about the need to replace the elderly, rotting cabins, adding that grant applications were ongoing.

Inner Wheel president Linda Ford said: “We were inspired by our visit and want to help with further fundraising and practical help, so that work may start in the New Year.

“We want to help raise awareness of the fantastic work that BF Adventure does to help disadvantaged children and young adults in our local community.”