Popular chicken chain Nando's has announced it is looking to open a branch in Newquay.

This would be the first Nando's to come to Cornwall. Up to this point the closest restaurant has been Plymouth.

Nando's is famous for selling Portuguese-style Peri Peri chicken.

A spokesperson for Nando’s said: “It’s no lie, we’re looking to open a Nando’s restaurant in Newquay.

"After success from our nearby Exeter and Plymouth sites, we feel a restaurant in Newquay will offer Nando’s a great opportunity to expand its South West region. "

He added that the company had yet to find a site and further announcements would be made once one was found. 

The 'announcement' was made on an unofficial Twitter account, which prompted Nando's PR company to make an official statement following enquiries from the Packet.