A MAN raped a Watchet woman he met on Facebook– shortly after he was released from prison for harassing five women he met on the same site.

Nigel Wilson, 33, was jailed for six years after he raped the mum in her house while her children were home, after meeting on the social network’s dating site page, ‘Plenty of Fish’.

Taunton Crown Court heard the pair had started a consensual relationship but one day he ‘went too far.’ When she broke off the relationship he started to harass her via text message.

Wilson had been sentenced to a two-year jail term in March last year after the threatened to rape women he met on the same site.

In mitigation, Patrick Mason said Wilson was aware of his ‘abhorrent behaviour’ and that it was result of bitterness of the break-down of a previous relationship.

He said: “This [rape] was in the context of an enthusiastic relationship by the two of them, right up to that point they had been enjoying a consensual relationship, which that day went too far.”

Wilson met the victim in April this year, and raped her on May 2. When she broke off the relationship he sent abusive messages about her and her children.

Wilson pleaded guilty to breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), put in place at Exeter Crown Court in 2010. But he denied rape and putting someone in fear by way of harassment.

Sentencing, Judge Richard Bromilow said: “It’s quite clear you and she enjoyed, over a period of time, a consensual relationship. But there came a time, very clearly, and the jury accepted this, when she said no. You ignored it.

“You abused her terribly in her own house, in her own bedroom, with her young children nearby.”

He added the words he used in the text messages were ‘shameful and appalling.’ Judge Bromilow sentenced Wilson to five years for rape, 12 months for harassment, to run concurrently, and a consecutive sentence of 18 months for breaching his SOPO.

He also put a restraining order in place not to contact the victim, disqualified him from working with children until further notice, and continued the SOPO order.