A SECRET site in Highbridge has this week been revealed as a potential threat to American national security.

Controversial website Wikileaks leaked covert documents on Monday, which list the ‘Tyco Transatlantic undersea cable landing in Highbridge’ among various critical infrastructure and resources key to American national security.

The whistleblowing website has come under fire this week from the British Government for releasing the lists as US security officials apparently believe the sites could pose a threat to their country if they are attacked.

But Wikileaks insists the information is not detailed enough to be used by radical groups which might want to carry out attacks.

In the wake of the leaks, police in Burnham and Highbridge have told the Weekly News local communities remain safe and urged people not to be concerned about the facility, which is based at an undisclosed location in the town.

Inspector Roger Tolley said: “Although I am not aware of the significance of this facility, as alleged in this document, I have every confidence that the security services and intelligence services will be fully aware and will manage the safety and security of that premises and the surrounding community.”

Highbridge ward councillor Chris Williams said the centre was built about eight years ago but is unaware of exactly what work is carried out there.

But he reiterated Insp Tolley’s assurances, adding: “It would be perhaps be nice to know more about the building and what goes on, but there is no reason to think it could cause any threat to Highbridge.”