A YEOVIL man believes he may have spotted a UFO flying above the town last night - although he is perfectly aware that it was actually Bonfire Night.

Gary Alexander told the Express that at just after 10.30pm last night he saw two golden orange/yellow star-like objects drifting across the town in a west to east direction.

"They were no more than two degrees apart, one following the other," he said. "They were around 20 degrees above the horizon and brighter than Venus at its brightest.

"After about a minute to a minute and a half, the objects began to fade in the south-east.

"It was my impression that the objects also faded as they passed behind light cloud cover. I looked at the objects through 16x50 binoculars and wasn’t certain whether I could see a triangular aircraft shaped shadow behind the single light.

"Around two minutes after the first objects disappeared two further identical objects appeared in the same formation and following the same approximate course.

"One of these objects had a slightly arcing trajectory and seemed to rise and then fall again a little. Again these objects faded in the south-east."

Gary added: "I observed this from an upstairs rear window and opened the window to stick my head out to listen for engine noise but heard none.

"There is often military craft in the skies coming from Yeovilton to the north but these are usually helicopters that can be heard even with the windows shut.

"There is also an airfield at Yeovil about a mile to the south-west from my house and again it is usually helicopters that land here.

"Obviously helicopters have a number of lights attached to them and not a single bright light."

Gary added: "I know it was Bonfire Night but I am not aware of any fireworks that behave this way.

"Besides the prevailing wind was heading in a SSE direction judging by the cloud movement. I am also interested in astronomy, but I have never seen any satellites behaving like this.

"I know there have been other sightings of orange lights over Somerset, and it would be interesting to know what the explanation was."

A number of similar sightings have been seen across the region and most of them have been put down to Chinese lanterns...but the mystery of UFOs goes on.