THE Montacute TV, Radio and Toy Museum has just announced that it will be playing host to a special visitor as part of its exciting Dr Who weekend on June 28-29.

Anneke Wills who played classic 1960’s assistant Polly for the first and second Doctors - William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton - will be appearing at the Dr Who event on Saturday, June 28.

You can meet Anneke at Montacute TV Radio Toy Museum on Saturday morning, buy signed copies of her books and get her autograph, have your photo taken with her or just have a chat.

She will be doing an interview and question & answer session at Montacute House.

The normally peaceful and picturesque village of Montacute in the heart of South Somerset is being invaded on June 27-28.

The historic village known as one of the film sets of ‘Sense & Sensibility’ will be the site of a Dr Who invasion.

Daleks, Cybermen and a host of Dr Who monsters and Aliens will be invading Montacute TV Radio and Toy Museum where they will meet up with the already resident Dalek and Tardis.

Amongst them it is thought there will be Cybermen including some from the new series, the much-feared Daleks, the strange looking Oode, scarecrow, ice warrior, an empty child along with the loyal K9 and more.

A replica of the Doctors car Bessie is also due to drive in on the weekend.

The unique museum takes you on a nostalgic journey though your favourite TV programmes with its huge collection of toys, books, games and memorabilia.

A themed menu will be served in the museum tearooms. In conjunction with the museum Montacute House is also having some very unsavoury guests and inviting people to come along for a "chat" with a Dalek.

Alan Hicken, from Montacute Museum, says this is a great value weekend, visitors will be able to experience all the extra Dr Who event as well as the museum for more or less the normal adult admission fee.

All tickets for entry to the museum on this weekend are £5 per person. To ensure entry we recommend you book in advance for the museum.

To book tickets telephone 01935-823024 or visit the museum shop at 1 South Street in Montacute or click on the link in our "related articles" section on this page of our website.