MORE people have come forward this week claiming to have seen an unidentified flying object in the Taunton area.

Fiona Ferguson from Bishops Lydeard said she saw a UFO while driving home from Glastonbury with her son last week.

She said: “We saw a strange red orange ball with two orange lights below it in the sky, flying steadily across the Monkton Heathfield area.

“We watched it as it continued to fly over Taunton towards the Wellington area and beyond.

“As we got back into the car I noticed another UFO in the sky. This time it was there for about three minutes then, as if someone switched its lights off, it was gone.”

And Jane Merchant from Taunton said she was relieved after reading other people's reports of a UFO sighting and claims she saw a similar flickering light “moving briskly and quietly across the sky”.

“Every time I've mentioned my experience no one's taken me seriously,” she added.

In October the County Gazette carried reports from Glen Cornell who spotted a 'UFO' over Creech St Michael.

A reader later contacted us to say the sighting was a Sky Lantern, a decoration that acts like a mini hot air balloon let off as a celebration from a wedding.

Reader Dan Thorne claims he saw a UFO over Rochester Road, Taunton, last Monday evening, and then again the following night.

He said: “It was like a star, only brighter and orange, split up, mostly disappeared while falling down and then one light moved away southwards.

“It didn't resemble any aircraft - I have no explanation for what it was.”

What do you think? Is there paranormal activity above the skies of Taunton?

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