TWO large floatation devices turned benches which have been a well-known part of Minehead seafront over the years have been salvaged from the scrapyard.

The seafront furniture has been part of the Minehead coastline for many years, but were removed recently as part of an ongoing revamp of the seafront.

Although many welcome the rejuvenation of the seafront, there was uproar when one of the floatation devices was spotted on top of the scrapheap in Minehead and the image was shared on social media.

Pete Marshall and the team at Chris's Crackers Junk Shop in Carhampton stepped in and have salvaged two of the devices.

"We received loads of messages about them," Mr Marshall said.

"It was clear a lot people wanted them saved.

"Hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists must have sat on them over the years.

"They are filled with polystyrene so must have been buoyancy devices at some point.

"We have already had West Somerset College show some interest in having one of the pontoons and we are open to suggestions on what to do with the other.

"They are a piece of local heritage - it would be nice to keep them in the area."

If you have a proposal for what to do with the second pontoon, contact Pete Marshall at Chris's Crackers Junk Shop on 01643 821873.