EMERGENCY services have been called to three kitchen fires in the area this weekend.

The first took place at around 5pm in Bath Road, Bridgwater.

Two fire engines were called to reports of a smell of smoke and the alarm sounding.

The accidental fire, involving a pan left unattended, left the property with 10 per cent smoke damage.

No firefighting was required and the property was left to ventilate naturally.

The second was at around 8.30am on Saturday morning at Crosslands, Wellington.

Two engines from Wellington and Taunton were called to a stove on fire.

There were no casualties involved and crews extinguished the fire using CO2.

The kitchen was left 'moderately' damaged, according to the sire service.

A smoke alarm was fitted and duty of care left with the owner.

Then it was back to Bridgwater, as at around 11am two engines were called to a flat fire involving a saucepan in Chilton Street.

A spokesman said: "Crews entered the property wearing breathing apparatus and one hose reel jet. The fire was dealt with by crews who confirmed accidental ignition. There was minor damage to the cooker, and duty of care was left with the occupant."