THIS photograph gives some indication of how the Taunton skyline will change in the coming weeks as floodlights are installed at the home of Somerset County Cricket Club.

Earlier this week, a huge crane was at the Cooper Associates County Ground to install the first of five stanchions to hold the lights, which will stand 54 metres high.

It is hoped the move will attract higher-profile matches to Somerset, while enabling later starts for the county's T20 and other matches.

Before the work got underway, Somerset chief executive Andrew Cornish told your County Gazette: “We had a bit of a blip at the beginning and you always worry when that happens, but the team have been really good and we are working slightly ahead of schedule at the moment.

“The most visible changes will be just after Christmas, and then testing begins in February.

“I think it will be the biggest change to the Taunton skyline since they built the churches.”

HEIGHT: The floodlights loom over the Taunton church towers

But the scale of the development seems to have taken some readers by surprise.

On the County Gazette Facebook page, Jenny Drewitt wrote: "An absolute eyesore how ever did they get planning permission for these monstrous things."

And Sally Barnett-Jones added: "What an eyesore, just driven past and only one installed do far. How did this get past planning?"

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Writing on our website, Averageworkingdad said: "They look horrible. What an eyesore! At least drivers may have a better chance of seeing the flocks of fans jumping into the roads before hitting them though."

But others were supportive of the move.

Rich Smith said: "They are only going to be used for a limited number of games a year. But having this addition to the cricket ground will allow high level quality cricket coming to the town which would bring in more people into our town.

"Weren’t people complaining that the town is dying? Well this would help with that.

"Plus these lights will only be used during the summer in which it doesn’t get dark till very late in the evening and with a day/night game ending around 9.45pm, it’s hardly going to be a problem is it?

"Also if people thing this is an eyesore, then maybe they should opposite at the old cattle market!"

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The five stanchions will be placed around the pitch:

  • In the Priory Avenue car park (next to the Somerset Pavilion)
  • Between the Andy Caddick Pavilion and the Viv Richards Gates
  • Next to the Colin Atkinson Pavilion
  • Behind the Sir Ian Botham Stand
  • Next to the scoreboard on Gimblett's Hill

How do you feel about the lights?

Are they a blot on the Taunton skyline, or a necessary development to grow the cricket club and the town economy?

Have your say in our poll and in the comments section below...

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