IT'S hard to believe, but these are the remains of a caravan discovered in a field this morning.

The van was totally destroyed in the blaze after being driven onto the land owned by a former Mayor.

Cllr Dave Durdan was informed of the incident in a phone call today (Monday) from the tenant of the field in Knapp Road, North Curry.

He said: "It seems someone drove the caravan onto the field and burnt it out. I have no idea why or who the caravan belonged to."

This is The West Country:

FORMER MAYOR: Landowner Dave Durdan

The incident comes a week after another caravan was severely damaged in a suspected arson attack in a builders yard in Canal Road, Taunton.

Mr Durdan added: "Somebody must be missing a caravan.

"I'd like to warn caravan owners to take measures to prevent this happening to their caravan as it's happened twice in a week in the Taunton area."