BRIDGWATER Town Council’s planing panel has backed calls from Westover councillor Brian Smedley to say ‘enough is enough’ to any more housing in the ‘overdeveloped’ Old Taunton Road area.

Cllrs Smedley and Kath Pearce have been talking with local residents who have been campaigning for land for community use, open space and leisure.

An application has been submitted to build four new houses on the old disused allotment site alongside the canal which has been opposed by the Town Council.

Cllr Smedley said “The piece of green land here is overgrown and was a former allotment.

“There are major problems of access, which would be alongside the dangerous canal bridge which is tricky enough for pedestrians and cyclists never mind adding several more houses into the mix.

“The point here is that Old Taunton Road is on peak capacity and developers should simply stop ‘infilling’ and instead provide breathing space, recreational land and a community area for this part of town.”

RTL money that was previously set aside from developments in the area ended up being spent in Hamp.

Cllr Kathy Pearce said: “After all the development at Turner Close and Manley Close over the years, a children’s play area should obviously have been provided many years ago.

“This application has acted as a catalyst to prompt a fresh look at providing play facilities.

“Discussions with Sedgemoor District Council, local Housing Associations and land owners are essential so that we can work together to identify the best site possible and make it happen.”

Resident Emma Porter has been spearheading a campaign for more community facilities in Westover and in particular a new play area.

“There is not enough here for the kids and they often end up playing ball games in the streets which is obviously very dangerous.

“We have an eyesore section of land near La Ciotat house that could be used.”