A ‘LITTLE miracle’ who was born 13 weeks early - weighing less than two pounds - has fought back to inspire his parents and hospital staff.

Eli Glover was due on October 12, but within 24 hours of a trip to the hospital in July, his mum Lucy Knight gave birth at home in Ilminster.

Lucy and her partner, Dean Glover, were shocked to be welcoming their first baby so early, but their story wasn’t over.

Eli had to be rushed to Musgrove Park Hospital, and then on to St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol where he was put on ventilation.

The tiny 846g boy spent two weeks in Bristol, during which time he battled through a major bleed in both sides of the brain.

Eli was then transferred back to Musgrove, where he spent another eight weeks and five days.

Lucy, Eli’s mum, said: “In the whole time we spent in hospital he had numerous blood transfusions, and two lumbar punctures due too fluid build up from the bleeds.

“We got told he had a heart murmur and he had a partially collapsed right lung.

“He had bad reflux which sometimes would cause him to go completely blue and unresponsive.”

He was ventilated for eight days, before being slowly eased off breathing supports.

On September 25 Lucy, Dean and Eli finally went home together after 76 days in the neonatal intensive care unit - still two weeks before his due date.

Lucy said: “On discharge his murmur has gone, his brain looks clinically well and his lungs are doing fine.

“It was a bumpy ride and we didn’t know if he would make it or not.

“He’s a little miracle and he’s my hero.”

Lucy wanted to share their story to show there is hope for premature babies.

She added: “I don’t think it’s completely sunk in but I’m enjoying being a mum now.

“In hospital you don’t feel like a mum as such because you watch on while the medical staff do a lot to start with.”

Eli has had a couple of return trips to the hospital due to breathing issues, and ongoing health complications could arise later.

He doesn’t have any signs of brain damage at the moment and doctors will continue to monitor him.

The longer consultants, physios and doctors don’t detect any problems with his movements, the better.

Eli also has chronic lung disease, which most premature babies have due to being ventilated, but that will improve as he grows.

The main issue he has is gastric reflux but a lot of full term babies have this.

Now, Lucy is starting to settle into life at home.

“It felt so surreal to be finally taking Eli home with us. Hearing those words ‘you can take him home’ were probably the best five words I’ve ever heard.

“I just want to add that if it wasn’t for the amazing medical team, neonatal nurses and paramedics at St Michael’s and Musgrove, the outcome for Eli could of been very different.

“They are all amazing dedicated staff and we want to thank them for saving Eli’s life we will forever be great full.

“And also, thank you to Eli for being the fighter he is - he’s amazing.”