IF you live and work in the showbusiness world then you love it.

It is your dream, your goal to be on stage and performing in front of an audience.

While Emily Clark who plays the role of Dusty Springfield in ‘Dusty and the Shades of the 60s’ love the life on the showbusiness road, she yearns to have a family.

This is her dream and one she hopes she can achieve in the next five years. But having her wish would not mean giving up ‘the day job’.

As she said: “Me being on stage is who I am. If you take that away from me then I won’t be me anyone. I know a lot of people with families who make it work for them. There is always a way. You have to picture it, visualise it and make it possible. Nothing is impossible.”

Right here, right now, the bubbly 34 year-old is heading towards the Regal Theatre in Minehead for a show on September 26.

Talking about what she brings to the role, Emily said: “My vocals for a start; my sense of humour and personality. Dusty had a quirky sense of humour and in a sense I kind of play myself. I think what made her iconic was her voice. When you heard her sing you knew it was her.”

Emily grew up listening pop music but the genre she loved was Motown and Northern Soul.

She loved the soulfulness of the music and the fact it made you feel good and want to get up and dance when you listen to it.

Those who have been to see ‘Dusty and the Shades of the 60s’ told Emily how much they enjoyed it and it took them back to the 1960s.

She added: “What a show like this does is take a lot of people back. They have a good time as it brings back good memories and the backing singers The Shades sing a lot of other music.

“What is good about the show although it is touring is it’s not continuous and it gives me a break. I grew up in the country and love to go back to my mums and spend time with my dog Lexi, a Chihuahua and take her for walks.”

Tickets cost adults £19.00, friends £18.50.

Buy online at regaltheatre.co.uk or call the box office on 01643 706 430.