A LEADING sports and leisure centre in Bridgwater is celebrating their first anniversary as a Somerset ‘Positive about Breastfeeding’ venue.

Trinity Sports and Leisure was nominated for the award following positive feedback about its helpful approach to families.

The award is given to venues that have made a significant commitment to uphold the rights of mothers by supporting their choice to feed their baby how and whenever they choose.

1610 general manager for Trinity Sports and Leisure, Chris Skidmore, said: “Trinity Sports and Leisure is very proud to be part of this award as we do our utmost to make it a welcoming place for families.

"Breastfeeding can be a sensitive issue and it is important that all the mums and families who come to the centre feel happy feeding their babies in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere."

Other venues around the county are encouraged to apply for Positive About Breastfeeding status.

All organisations are listed on the new Positive About Breastfeeding website: http://www.healthysomerset.co.uk/breastfeeding.

You can find out how your organisation can become registered as Positive About Breastfeeding and be promoted on a new website at www.healthysomerset.co.uk/breastfeeding and www.facebook.com/Somersetbreastfeeding.