GRADUATES from across the country were given an insight into the complexities of building new nuclear power plants as part of a recent two-day event at the National College for Nuclear Southern Hub, based at the Cannington Campus of Bridgwater & Taunton College.

The 32 delegates from the Nuclear Institute Young Generation Network heard direct from industry experts and toured the construction site at Hinkley Point C.

The event aimed to give graduates and those new to the industry some interesting and insightful progress updates from several current new build projects.

A total of 12 speakers delivered talks over the two day conference discussing the considerations involved in a Nuclear New Build, how the regulators, EA and ONR, responded to the UK’s Nuclear New Build programme and what is actually going on in the UK at Hinkley C and Sizewell C EPRs projects.

Delegates also heard about Moltex Energy’s Stable Molten Salt Reactor, versions of which will be fuelled by spent nuclear waste, and the U-Battery, a micro modular reactor designed for use in off-grid applications and its contribution to tackling climate change and decarbonisation.

In addition delegates discussed safety, and how permission for a nuclear power station is obtained, as well as new nuclear builds in the world and public perception of nuclear.

Lorien Howarth, senior strategic advisor for the UK National Nuclear Laboratory, said: “It is an exciting time for the nuclear sector.

"Challenges on cost and timescales are nothing new, but increasing competition from alternative energy sources is now adding even greater pressure on the sector.

"We need to do something different in order to keep up with the pace of change, we need to be truly innovative.

"The industrial strategy and nuclear sector deal both present the opportunity and provide the ambition.”

Chris Ward, EDF delegate, said: “If I had my time again I would definitely want to come here to study.”

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