THESE pictures show the devastation caused by a major house fire that broke out in Holway Avenue last night.

Crews did not leave the site until 5am this morning (Wednesday, August 8) and the roof was left completely destroyed on the home.

This is The West Country:

Neighbour David Clarke had a third of his roof obliterated as the fire spread.

"I was in my sister's garden in Norton Fitzwarren when a neighbour called me and told me there was smoke coming from number 23 and I better get back quick," Mr Clarke said.

This is The West Country:

"By the time I was back the road was closed off but luckily I still managed to make to the house in time to let the firefighters through so that they did not have to smash through the doors with a hatchet.

"The roof was exploding and sharp shards of slate were coming down that could have been lethal.

This is The West Country:

The firefighters needed to isolate the gas main and evacuated all the nearby homes at around 10.30pm.

The last emergency service attendees did not leave the scene until nearly 5am.

This is The West Country:

Mr Clarke said: "The firefighters battled the blaze long into the night and did a tremendous job.

"To see your roof going up in flames, thinking of all your life possessions in the home and the photos of your children, you just think 'Oh my God."

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One person was treated by the ambulance service for minor burns.