PiL had a hit with 'This is not a Love Song' in 1983.

One of the verses of the song goes: "I'm adaptable and I like my new role

"I'm getting better and better

"And I have a new goal

"I'm changing my ways where money applies

"This is not a love song..."

Legally Blonde the Musical embarks on a romantic journey just like U2 sing about 'in the name of love' but ends up being far more Respect by Aretha Franklin.

It is not so much a coming of age musical, rather an awakening, a moment of clarity, an instant when all the cosmic wheels of fate click and tumble into place and a new Elle is re-born.

But in order to re-born you have to first have to change.

This change starts when Elle is dumped by her boyfriend Warner. She thinks he is about to propose to her when in fact it is a break up, as he says he wants: "Less of Marilyn more of a Jackie...Somebody classy and not too tacky."

This is a reference to the Kennedys (Jack and Jackie), but the irony of the lyrics is not lost when you know Jack Kennedy had an affair with Marylin Monroe.

The latest production of Legally Blonde The Musical by The SPACE (The Somerset Performing Arts Centre for Education) which is on stage at the Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre from July 11-14.

Taking on the main leads in this show are:

- Elle Woods is played by Anya Paddock

- Emmett - Merlin Forsey

- Warner - Ted Waller

- Paulette - Lauren Martin

- Pilar - Ella Wilcox

- Serena - Becca Frearson

- Margot - Izzy Rooks-Voizey

- Professor Callahan - Lyall Pearson

The way in which Elle believes she can win back Warner is by being taken seriously. She hatches a plan of getting into Harvard Law School where she aims to become a lawyer.

The plot is propelled via a series of slick pulsating musical numbers.The powerful propulsion of each musical beat, each dance, each step, lead seamlessly to another.

While the weight of the production does not necessarily fall on the shoulders of Anya Paddock in the role of Elle Woods, she has to be able to carry the musical along as she is the central figure, the fulcrum around which the show is balanced.

With a bag of vim and vigour, sparkle and as her character would agree 'pink is her signature colour' carries off the role with aplomb. She removes the image of Reese Witherspoon in the role to create one of her own.

The ensemble cast and crew, the satellites around which the main characters move are excellent in being an integral part of the show just as much as the lead roles.

There is a definite vibrancy to this show. The students clearly are having as much fun in their roles.

This anticipation of fun has clearly spread to the audience and ticket sells as four performances are sold out.

There is availability for the show at 2pm on July 12. You will need to be quick to catch this as I am sure this will sell out.

Clearly even with a World Cup on and England in the Semi-final, tonight, Legally Blonde The Musical is the hottest ticket in town.

Buy tickets online at tacchi-morris.com or call the box office on 01823 414141.