Coleridge Cottage in Nether Stowey is inviting the public to submit video footage of the Quantock Hills for a new exhibition.

The new, permanent exhibition reveals the story of how the Quantock Hills inspired the poetry of Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who lived in the area at the end of the 18th century.

Titled ‘Three Extraordinary Years, One Extraordinary Landscape’, the exhibition will feature a video projection of footage of the Quantock Hills, to give visitors to the Cottage a taste of what inspired Coleridge about the landscape, and encourage them to explore it for themselves.

The National Trust are inviting amateur filmmakers and videographers to submit video footage of the Quantock Hills to be showcased in the exhibition.

Visitor experience officer, Kate Chandler, said: “Anyone who lives in or who has visited them will know that the Quantock Hills are special.

"You can be wandering through wooded valleys and rolling fields one minute, and then suddenly you’re up on the heath with gorse and ponies and views across the sea.

"Coleridge was in awe of this landscape, and he captured it in poems like ‘This Lime Tree Bower my Prison’ and ‘Frost at Midnight’.”

She added: “We want to share the best of the Quantocks with visitors to Coleridge Cottage and inspire them to explore the area for themselves.

"We’re looking for high resolution footage of the landscape in all its forms. Coleridge was here in the 1790s so it would need to have a natural look, free of people and modern features such as cars, tyre tracks, or roads.

"We are particularly interested in footage with powerful depictions of weather and light.”

To send in video footage, or to find out more, you can contact Kate on 01278 732662, or by emailing