AN enthusiastic cycling group has created a new trail in a bid to get people on their bikes.

Taunton Area Cycling Campaign has designed the new Foxglove Trail which was launched on Saturday, June 9.

The trail is an 11 mile circular route on mainly flat land through the town's green spaces.

It aims to get cyclists to discover areas of the town they wouldn't normally see.

'"The trail was inspired by the town's green spaces and watercourses and paths running through them and the real potential to link these together into an attractive and enjoyable gentle few hours out on a bike," said Mike Ginger, the route's designer a member of TACC.

"We were looking for a strong image that links town and country and thought that as both a wild and garden flower, the Foxglove was perfect.

"The trail logo was designed by one of our group and we all liked it straightaway. So we used it for waymarking the route."

TACC is organising a free ride of the trail on Sunday, June 17. The group will leave from Vivary Park at 10.30am.

Mr Ginger added: "We are campaigning for a consistent and coherent cycle network.

"The town does already have some pleasant sections of network. The aim of the project is to link some of these, together with attractive watercourses, open spaces and wildlife rich area to provide an enjoyable cycling experience for young and old."

For more information or to take part in the cycle email