RESIDENTS living on the new Wilstock estate have hit out at the housing developer for leaving the roads ‘unfinished’.

Many of the roads on the estate still need to be topped with Tarmac by housing developer Bloor Homes.

Until they are completed, Somerset County Council (SCC) will not formally adopt them.

One frustrated resident gave the Mercury a tour of the estate, highlighting issues including unfinished roads and drop kerbs, grass growing in drains and along the side of the road and described the general upkeep was ‘disgraceful’.

“As you come in to the estate and drive down Wilstock Road and Campion Way, those roads are nice and wide and well kept but it is a different story once you get further into Wilstock,” the concerned resident, who did not wish to be named, explained.

“We were told once the building was completed the roads should be topped with Tarmac so they can be adopted by Somerset County Council - but they finished 18 months ago and still nothing has been done.”

She added that parking was inadequate and could cause tension between neighbours.

“There is no bus so this is exactly the sort of place you have to use a car,” the resident explained.

As part of a Section 106 agreement agreed with the developers, as soon as the 1,100th resident moved in it would trigger a clause to create a bus lane linking Wilstock to Rhode Lane, which could also be used by cyclists and pedestrians.

The clause was initially triggered in 2014 but SCC Highways says it cannot justify building the route as there are no plans to operate regular bus services along it.

“The concrete blockade is grotesque and makes the area look more like Belfast than Bridgwater,” the Wilstock resident said.

“People paid good money for their homes on a modern estate.

“Bloor want to build more homes but someone there needs to take responsibility for the homes and infrastructure they have already started but not completed.

“The lack of general upkeep is not conducive to creating community spirit or pride in the area.”

An SCC spokesperson said: “At the moment the roads on the Stockmoor and Wilstock developments remain the responsibility of the developer, but Somerset County Council is committed to adopting roads where they are built to the appropriate standards, and we’re working with the developer with a view to achieving this.

“Unfortunately this can take some time but residents can be assured the process is underway.”

Bloor Homes was approached for comment by the Mercury but did not respond when the newspaper went to press.