A PORPOISE injured by a boat propellor has died after washing up on a Somerset beach. 

A crew of marine mammal medics from Burnham charity BARB Search & Rescue was called out on Saturday evening (April 14th) after a porpoise was spotted in distress in the sea.

BARB's crew and members of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) were called to Burnham beach half a mile north of Burnham lighthouse just after 6.30pm.

A fisherman and a lady walking a dog had raised the alarm after spotting the distressed 1.2m female porpoise in shallow sea water.

This is The West Country:

BARB's marine mammal medics assessed the mammal and then safely moved it out of the water before keeping it calm and wet until a vet arrived.

It had suffered a serious injury to its left side and a further two injuries to its tail after apparently being struck by a boat propeller.

Mike Hayes from Blackrock Vet surgery, said: "The porpoise had sadly been injured in several places and suffered deep wounds. Putting it down was the only humane option."

BARB chairman, Mark Newman, said: "It was a very sad outcome for a beautiful creature. We thank those members of the public who raised the alarm in doing the right thing in getting help to the porpoise as quickly as possible."